About OLB-downloads.org

The purpose of OLB-downloads.org is to offer free downloads for the Online Bible Software (Windows), including a free Basic Pack and additional titles.

OLB-downloads.org was made possible by Importantia Publishing. The costs incurred, to maintain this website and fill it with free titles, must be funded from the proceeds of the Extended Online Bible Base Pack. This Extended Pack is not really sold. Everyone can decide for themselves what is paid for this Extended Pack. It is offered at a starting price that is lower than the costs incurred.

The role of Importantia Publishing in relation to the Online Bible software is limited to content development in the Dutch, German and French language. The Online Bible software program itself is a product of Larry Pierce in Canada and Cross Link Services BV in the Netherlands. Importantia Publishing is therefore unable to support the software.

Making cost for free titles can not continue indefinitely, therefore, only more titles and advanced downloads will be offered if there is sufficient income. You can help by purchasing the Extentended Base Pack for a much higher amount than standard asked. You can make a donation as well.

Importantia Publishing is also involved in the development of more free Bible related materials through crowdfunding projects.